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Springtown Methodism

The first church organized in Parker County was at Goshen, when a "meeting house" was built in 1854. The organization was spearheaded by the Rev. James Pleasant Tackett, a pioneer minister who was born in Kentucky. He moved to Texas in the 1850's and formed a number of churches in the area before he died in 1886. He is buried near the Goshen Church.

Springtown is one of several churches the Rev. Tackett organized in the area. That was in 1857, with some twenty members. The first church building was a log cabin built on 15 acres deeded to the church by Dr. James P. Hill, a physician in Springtown (then know as Littleton's Springs). The log cabin and a cemetery were located in the southwest corner of the property, which was out of the northeast corner of the Mary Leonard survey.

A few years after the church was built, a parsonage was erected. At about the same time, the church sold portions of the land leaving five acres in the southwest corner know as the "old cemetery". The church worshipped in the log cabin until 1866 when the Union church was built a short distance northeast of the square. This building housed worshippers who were Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterians, and other for a number of years.

In 1866, the Methodists completed building their own church on the site of the present building. Later the lot east of the church was bought and the parsonage moved onto it.

The old church was dismantled in 1942, and much of the material was used in the new one. The steeple was salvaged; the old flooring was used. A leaded glass window was saved and used in the new building. Labor was mostly done by members, with Joe Newsome and C.C. Thompson serving as contractors.

In the late 1950's an Educational Building was added to the church building. It consisted of nine classrooms and two restrooms. In 1967 a new four-bedroom parsonage was built a block north of the church, and the old parsonage sold and moved. The vacated lot has served as parking.

In 1978 another building, the Fellowship Hall, was erected. With its restrooms, kitchen, and large meeting area, it has been in regular use. It also serves as the meeting place and work area for the "Quilting Club".

In 1981 the church bought the lot south of the Fellowship Hall. Ten years later, plans were begun to build a Family Life Center. These plans came to fruition in 1994, when the multi-purpose building was completed. It has a number of classrooms, restrooms, a large gymnasium area, and, like the Fellowship Hall, is in regular use.

All of the buildings are available to the members and the community for sponsored activities such as family reunions.